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Roots and WingsRoots and Wings

OGR 8970
Released 2010

Chuck and Steve return to their roots with classics from the Holy Mackerel years and stretch their wings with three new tunes. This well-crafted album also features friends and well-known Maine musicians to round out the sound. [take me to the catalog]

And Both Shall RowAnd Both Shall Row

OGR 8960
Released 2005

Featuring salty traditional favorites, tunes that celebrate Maine, and original songs, this recording by Chuck and Steve is a must-have addition to your Schooner Fare collection. [take me to the catalog]

Our Maine SongsOur Maine Songs

OGR 8945
Released 1999

A collection of Schooner Fare's songs of Maine, spanning their entire career from Day of the Clipper to The County Song. [take me to the catalog]

A 20th Anniversary PartyA 20th Anniversary Party

OGR 8942
Released 1999

Schooner Fare celebrates 20 years with a little help from Tom Paxton, Rob Carlson and Christine Lavin. (No longer available.)


OGR 8936
Released 1997

A treasury of songs for kids of all ages! [take me to the catalog]

Finnegan's WakeFinnegan's Wake

OGR 8918
Released 1995

When Schooner Fare was just starting out, they played these songs in Irish pubs from Halifax to Washington DC, honing their stage act and breaking in their own original music. After 20 years, they thought it was high time to share some of their favorites with you. [take me to the catalog]

For The TimesFor The Times

OGR 8909
Released 1993

Schooner Fare's singular spirit has never been more evident than on this ten song collection. For The Times contains six original songs and four traditional offerings, all imbued with that special Schooner Fare magic. [take me to the catalog]

Signs of HomeSigns of Home

OGR 8893
Released 1990

Four originals and eight cover songs by the best acoustic writers today, delivered with that brand of excitement, warmth and harmony that keeps Schooner Fare basking in the limelight. [take me to the catalog]

Classic Schooner FareClassic Schooner Fare

OGR 8891
Released 1989

Schooner Fare favorites with a twist--the trio is backed by a small orchestra, adding new flavor to these Schooner Fare classics. The orchestral settings by Michael Braz are some of the most sensitive arrangements ever conceived for a folk setting and very complementary to the Schooner Fare sound. [take me to the catalog]

Home for the HolidaysHome for the Holidays

OGR 8889
Released 1987

A warm and wonderful holiday album for all comers. Contains originals as well as traditional carols, and songs sung in Hebrew, French, German and Spanish, among others. [take me to the catalog]

The First Ten YearsThe First Ten Years

OGR 8886
Released 1986

This double album marked Schooner Fare's tenth anniversary with live performances of many previously unrecorded favorites. Recorded live at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, one of the nation's premier listening clubs. [take me to the catalog]

We The PeopleWe The People

OGR 8885
Released 1985

Schooner Fare's "greatest hits." These are the songs they are best known for, on their best-selling recording. [take me to the catalog]


OGR 8883
Released 1983

A joyful audience accompanies Schooner Fare at this Chocolate Church concert in Bath, Maine. [take me to the catalog]

Closer to the WindCloser to the Wind

OGR 8882
Released 1981

Songs by Schooner Fare and their friends, with some additional instrumentation. [take me to the catalog]

Day of the ClipperDay of the Clipper

OGR 8878
Released 1978

Recorded in 1977, Day of the Clipper is vintage Schooner Fare that still speaks to the present day. It contains some of Schooner Fare's most requested songs. [take me to the catalog]

We Make the Road by WalkingSteve Romanoff
We Make the Road by Walking

OGR 8710

Steve Romanoff's solo album, featuring old favorites and new songs that span his music and career. [take me to the catalog]

Whistle Up A StormTom Rowe
Whistle Up A Storm

OGR 8898

The pennywhistle is featured on this release from Tom Rowe, which includes five vocal and five instrumental tracks. [take me to the catalog]